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Bitter gourd Hualien No.3
Bitter gourd Hualien No.3
cultivate succeed date:November 09, 2007

Bitter gourd Hualien No.3 is a vine with lots of branches. Its female flowers bloom from the twenty section of the main vine. The flowering period starts about 31 days for spring crop and 29 days for summer crop. Its exocarp is green and the face of the fruit has the process of pearls and bars. The fruit is long ovaloid and the weight of 160 to 200 grams. It can be reaped after flowering 20 to 25 days for spring crop and 20 days for summer crop. The total product each hectare is approximately 19.2 metric tons for spring crop and 13.6 metric tons for summer crop. Seedling nursing days are about 14 to 20, setting to flowering days 30, and setting to reaping days 55 for spring crop and 50 for summer crop. Total reaping days are 45 to 60. Total surviving days are 110 to 140.