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Tomato ‘Hualien Asveg 21’
Tomato ‘Hualien Asveg 21’
cultivate succeed date:January 14, 2007

Breeding Process

Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station cooperated with Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC) to breed high quality tomato variety. The new orange cherry tomato line CHT1417 is a single cross F 1 hybrid of CLN2463-57-19-11-18-15-19-80-0 as the female parent crossed to CLN2487-16-10-4-5-0. It was registered as a new variety ‘Hualien Asveg 21’ and awarded the plant variety right in January 15, 2007 after preliminary and advanced yield trials, disease evaluations, regional yield trials and fertilizer trials.

Plant characteristic

The Hualien Asveg 21 is a variety of indeterminate growth habit. Fruits are oval-shaped and orange at maturity, the average fruit weight is 13.5 g, with soluble solids content about 7.3 °Brix. The fruit is firm, good taste, and with low fruit cracking rate. The new variety is resistance to tomato leaf curl virus (with Ty-2 gene), tomato mosaic virus (with Tm-2a gene), bacterial wilt race 1 and 2 (with I-1 & I-2 gene), and medium resistant to Bacterial wilt (Incidence rate=40%). The yield of Hualien Asveg 21 is 40.1 MT/ha. It is suitable for planting in spring and late summer seasons.