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Rice Hualien 21
Rice Hualien 21
cultivate succeed date:November 10, 2008


The plant height of this variety was about 99 cm in first crop and 97 cm in second crop respective. The whole growth period was 129 days in first crop and 120 days in second crop. The grain hectare yield was 6,957 kilogram and 5,184 kilogram in first crop and second crop individual. Rice Hualien 21 was suitable for single-phase and two phase regions cultured of Taiwan's paddy cultivation.

The advantages of this variety include excellent cooked rice taste. The variety had well diseases resistance with rice leaf blast and panicle blast simultaneously, and it was suitable for mechanical harvesting for its lower shattering feature.

Furthermore, Rice Hualien 21 had lower on- panicle sprouting at maturity, the character can reduce the loss of rice yield at maturity if encountered continuous rain.