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Sweet potato Hualien No. 1
Sweet potato Hualien No. 1
cultivate succeed date:November 10, 2008
Named review meeting new crop varieties to be nominated as Hualien No.1 in 11, Nov. 2008 for its good shape of tuber, rich purple color of flash and high productivity. Hualien-1 is a medium -late maturity taro-like sweet potato cultivation, with green heart-shap leaf and green stems, the length of vine is252 cm, the length of vine branches is 192 cm, creeping, and suggested to cultivate in the spring. The growth period is about 160 days. Its resistance to insects and diseases is better than the local cultivated red-leaf red-skin strain. The average tuber harvest is 29,323 kg in Taiwan and 18,959 kg in Hualien area. Hualien-1 strain is with high potential to be health-care food for its tuber is high in antioxidative activity and with higher content of crude fiber, total dietary fiber, calcium and reducing sugar compared to the local red-leaf red-skin strain.