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Tripe pod king, peanut Hualien 2
‧Tripe pod king, peanut Hualien 2
Long-shaped yam – Hualien 3
‧Long-shaped yam – Hualien 3
Sweet potato - ‘Hualien No. 1’, a distinct
‧Sweet potato - ‘Hualien No. 1’,
a distinct local sweet potato variety
High-quality medicinal plants : Angelica acutiloba
‧High-quality medicinal plants : Angelica acutiloba High-quality medicinal plants : Salviae miltiorrhizae
‧High-quality medicinal plants : Salviae miltiorrhizae

In terms of other upland and special crops, we mainly aim to breed excellent varieties of peanut, taro-like sweet potato, yam, and crops for special purposes, and to improve their cultivated techniques. In recent years, we have successfully bred a Spanish peanut, Hualien 1, having features as high yield, excellent quality, tolerant to leaf chlorosis, and appropriate for mechanical harvest. Its cultivating area has reached up to 700 more hectares. We also have successfully bred Valencia type of peanut, Hualien 2 (triple pod king), which have large pods, and are suitable for freshly eaten and processing. Besides, a long-shaped yam has also been bred, named Hualien 3 (Chang-Bai Yam), whose pulp is white, and is rich in stickiness. It can resist Phoma disease, and is suitable for long-term storage. Now its cultivating area is about 30 hectares. Finally, we have bred excellent strains of taro-like sweet potato, having bright purple color of pulp and nice flavor.

We use low temperature to break long-shaped yam's dormancy that is an advantage to adjust cultivated period. Furthermore, we have developed an inductive plastic pipe cultivation technique, and a technique using non-weave cloth to cover the land plots, to prevent from weed growth. All these techniques can greatly improve the yield and quality of long-shaped yam. Regarding to special crops, we have collected aboriginal germplasm of health care herbs in east Taiwan , and establish a demonstrative garden growing these herbs. Through the collaborative project of Taiwan American Agricultural Technology, we have researched in the cultivating techniques of health management for health care herbs, and develop products made from these herbs.

In accordance with the fallow policy of rice field and the development of leisure recreation and tourist industries, we have selected Cosmos bipinnatus Cav., Cosmos sulfurous Cav., feather cockscomb ( Ceolosia argentea L.) and so on that are suitable for growing in fallow farm land in this area. This has formed a special landscape, which is a great value in leisure recreation and tourism.