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The "Agricultural Perception Laser Bird Repellent Device" can help!

On February 14, the HDARES held a demonstration event of the "Agricultural Sensing Bird Repelling Device" at the Lanyang branch. About 80 guests attended the meeting, and the participants well discussed issues related to bird pest control.


In the early stages of crop growth and harvest, birds often peck at the seeds, tender seedlings, or the seeds and fruits of the crops that are about to be harvested, resulting in a high rate of crop loss and poor harvesting by farmers. The Lanyang plain is rich in water resources, and the farmland close to the river is also frequently invaded by wild goose and ducks every autumn. Especially in the paddy fields near the riverbed, geese and ducks like to peck at the grains at the base of the seedlings at the early stage of transplanting, resulting in missing plants, so farmers must replant. When the rice is mature, it will peck at the ear of the rice or trample the rice plant to make the grain fall off, resulting in the loss of farmers' income. Not only rice, but the area of soybean planting in Yilan has grown to 117 hectares in recent years. After sowing, soybeans are often encountered by turtledoves, pheasants pecking seeds or pulling out cotyledons, resulting in plant shortages, and even more than 50% of the losses.


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