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Our station is responsible for conducting agricultural experiments and research for Hualien and Yilan Counties as well as performing multifunctional operations such as demonstration and extension, farmers’ education and marketing counseling, and technological and technical collaborations. In addition, we have become a regional center for agricultural research development and extension. The business results of our station are closely related to farmers’ rights and interests as well as construction in rural areas. Therefore, the functions of our station are crucial to the Hualien and Yilan Counties.

Our station is responsible for conducting agricultural experiments and research as well as demonstrations and extension, promoting the development of the regional and indigenous industries, and providing various services such as agricultural technical consultation and diagnoses for pests, soil, and plant nutrition to promptly resolve farmers’ problems in areas under our jurisdiction. In addition, we disseminate information such as agricultural policies, related technology, and agricultural situation information to the public; we elevate the knowledge, skills, and qualities of the agricultural labor force by organizing vocational education and training for agricultural counseling staff and farmers. Furthermore, we strengthen research and development capacity and efficiency by facilitating scientific and technological collaboration, training, and exchanges; we possess full awareness of the agricultural epidemics information of the district, emphasize crisis management, and rapidly and effectively resolve related problems. Lastly, we assist in the investigation of natural disasters in thedistrict and provide counseling for postdisaster crop and industry rehabilitation to reduce farmers’ losses and to enable rapid resumption of production to stabilize market supply and demand.

Our station adopted the blue ocean strategy to develop the professional field, dividing the field into the development of organic food, promotion of health and safety, and provision of counseling for the aboriginal agricultural industry. The objective is to realize the core values of a station that is “small but powerful.”