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Home > News > 2022 > Integrated management of new varieties and new materials, Zhuangwei farmers grow the best cantaloupe.

Zhuangwei Township is well-known for its high-quality cantaloupes, and the supply of cantaloupe during the Dragon Boat Festival is always in short supply. However, due to the influence of global warming and severe weather in recent years, the production risk has greatly increased, and it is still a challenge to achieve stable production. Producer management techniques. The Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station(HDARES) COA. has promoted the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for crop pests and diseases for many years, and developed innovative biological pesticides and safety materials, which is to assist farmers to cope with the crop pests and diseases. The HDARES was invited by the Zhuangwei Township Farmers Association at the beginning of this year, together with plant doctors to test the performance of new materials and new varieties in the melon farmland area, and found that the integrated management didn’t increase the cost, and the control effect is good; therefore, the HDARES and the Zhuangwei Township Farmers Association jointly held the "Zhuangwei Township Cantaloupe Cultivation Technology and Integrated Pest Management Demonstration Meeting" on May 23, 2022. During the observation meeting, the on-site exchanges and interactions were active, and everyone quite agreed with the effectiveness of the new varieties and IPM.

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