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Symposium Proceedings
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The new trend of medical plant research in Japan -Immunochemical strategy using monoclonal antibody---Yukihiro Shoyamapdf

Narcotic Plants as Sources of Medicinals, Nutraceuticals, and Functional Foods--Ernest Smallpdf

The genetic diversity of Herba Houttyniae in Taiwan--Tzer-kuan Hupdf

In vitro micropropagtaion of medicinal plantspdf

Quality studies on cultivar and tissue culture of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fischer--Chang Hung-Chipdf

Application and Identification of Chinese Herbal Medicines--Hsien-Chang Changpdf

Recent Studies on the Anoectochilus formosanus HAYATA--Wen-Chuan Linpdf

Studies on the component analysis and quality control in tonic wine preparation of King-Mon-Long-Fong-Jyo--Horng-Liang Laypdf

Study on properties of Chinese yam bulbil for processing and preservation--Lee-Yen Lopdf