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Symposium Proceedings
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Application of natural enemies in organic fruits and vegetables--Sheng-Chuan Huangpdf

Evaluation of the entomopathogenic fungus Aschersonia aleyrodis for controlling whitefly--Tseng, Min-Nanpdf

Application of LED lights-related technique in pest controls in organic-tea garden--Ming-Tzu Chioupdf

Development on Plant Disease and Pest Control Techniques of Organic Vegetable Cultivation in Greenhouse--Wang-Sheng Lipdf

Research and application the anti-microbe to control the organic plant disease--Shan-Chi Chupdf

The development of organic liquid fertilizers possessing bio-control function of Plutella xylostella--Shiuan-Yuh Chienpdf

Techniques of Organic Hydroponic Culture for Melon (Cucumis melo L.)--Chen-Yang Taipdf

Research on application of biofertilizers in fruits and melons ( Cucumis melo L.) crops.--Jui-Chang Huangpdf

Study of pathogen on the manure and kitchen refuse--Tzung-han Leepdf

International industry of organic seeds and its production trials of leaf vegetables-- Hsiu-fung Chaopdf

Establishment of organic coating material and seedling management--Yu-Mei Huangpdf

Seed disinfection and rice nursery technology of organic rice--Jeb-Fang Chenpdf

Studies on the design and cultivation management of large scale organic banana plantation and the post-harvest ripening of organic bananas--Shih-chao Chiangpdf

The research on organic industry and leisure agriculture (LOHAS) corridor in East Taiwan (Ilan and Hualien)--Ta-Chi Yangpdf

The Counseling Indigenous Peoples Organic Crop Cultivation and Product Development--Chen-I Chenpdf